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Hotspot Zones
Want the Web wherever, whenever?

The same wireless networking that is invading homes and offices is now going public, with thousands of so-called hot spots throughout the Country.

All you need is a notebook or other device with Wi-Fi, and you can get high-speed access at cafes, airports, and hotels. Whether you subscribe to a commercial service such as (SITI Broadband) HotSpot or go it alone with a community connection, chances are there's a SITI hot spot right around the corner.

For a list of nearby SITI hot spots, just enter your zip code and click Go. Or if you have something more specific in mind, you can fill out any of the power search options.

Welcome to SITI Wireless Hotspot Zone web site.

Here one can find everything one needs to know to bring the business to the growing world of wireless internet providers.

SITI Broadband Hot Spots is a network of wireless internet hotspots with many locations around. Our services are mainly directed to Hotels, hostels, student residences, coffee shops, shopping malls, property developers, property management companies or any other type of business where Wireless Internet Connection is required to provide fast and reliable wireless internet service to their customers, guests and members of their staff.

Join SITI Broadband Hot Spots and beat the competition and become a Wireless Hotspot Zone partner.

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