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WI-FI Service
Why Wi-Fi?

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past year or so, one must have seen the term "Wi-Fi."
You've probably figured out that it's shorthand for "wireless fidelity."
You may even know that it's got something to do with accessing the Internet or a private network through the air instead of through cables.

What you're probably still wondering is: Why should I care?

Because chances are that, within the next two-three months or so, you'll use SITI Wi-Fi regularly at work, at home, or on the road.

You may well depend on SITI Wi-Fi as much as you do your cell phone, your laptop computer, or your personal digital assistant (PDA).

It's convenient. As soon as a Wi-Fi-equipped device is within range of a SITI base station, it's online.

With no wires, you can move your laptop computer from place to place -- for instance, from your office to a conference room down the hall -- without losing your network connection.

When traveling, you can set up shop any place equipped with a SITI BROADBAND Wi-Fi network: another company's office, a hotel room, or a convention center.

It's everywhere. Public Wi-Fi access sites -- or "SITI HOT SPOTS" -- are multiplying faster than rabbits on Viagra. They're in bookstores, airport lounges, fast-food restaurants and coffee shops.

SITI Base station:
 The heart of a SITI Wi-Fi network, is equipped with an antenna that sends a low-powered, short-range radio signal. Wi-Fi-enabled devices within a certain radius detect the signal, letting users access the SITI Network.

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