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What is DOCSIS?

Data over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS) defines the interface standards for cable modems and supporting equipment involved in high speed data transfer and distribution over cable television system networks.

 It permits additional high-speed data transfer over an existing cable TV system and is widely used by television operators to offer Internet access through an already existing hybrid fiber coaxial infrastructure.
Other devices that recognize and support DOCSIS include HDTV's and Web-enabled set-top boxes for televisions.

In other words, the same cable that brings you CSI can also allow you to send email and receive Internet news.

Cable Labs developed DOCSIS and this technology has been approved as a standard for cable modems by ITU.


The oversimplified version of this information is newer cable technology which permits you to both receive and transmit over cable at the same time.

This allows you to watch your favorite television shows while downloading your email and paying bills online. This is done using the same cable, but using separate receiver and modem. It's a good example of a technology previously thought to be useful in only one application being fully exploited to advance new technologies and expand previously unknown possibilities.

 Success has been the byproduct of this brave new move.

Indian Cable Net Company Limited has implemented the above DOCSIS technology on a test mode as a Pilot Project in Calcutta and post the successful test of the same it shall be implemented in other parts of the Eastern Region.

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