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Are you planning Internet Leased Line of bandwidth 1 Mbps (1:1), 2 Mbps (1:1) and 4 Mbps (1:1) for access to internet and internet based applications????
ICNCL (SITI Broadband) proposes Internet Leased Line 1 Mbps (1:1) and 2 Mbps (1:1) at your required location   based on state-of-the-art ICNCL Optic fiber network.

ICNCL(SITI Broadband)  Internet Leased Line (ILL)

ICNCL proposes Internet Leased Line (ILL) of required bandwidth based on dedicated link from your premises to ICNCL (SITI Broadband) International Internet Gateway at Kolkata, India. ICNCL (SITI Broadband)  will provision the ILL service of 2 Mbps (1:1) and 1 Mbps (1:1) bandwidth at your Kolkata location. Eight public IP addresses will be provided with the offer.

Project Schedule

ICNCL (SITI Broadband)  would be in a position to commission the link within agreed Service Activation timeline from the date of order acceptance by ICNCL (SITI Broadband), subject to finalization of feasibility study and technical solution as well as fulfillment of customer’s obligations / responsibilities to be detailed in the Customer Application Form (CAF) and Terms and Conditions Document.

To enable ICNCL (SITI Broadband)  provide the committed service, you will be required to allow free access to ICNCL’s (SITI Broadband)  authorized personnel for installation, operation & maintenance activities, at the relevant locations. ICNCL (SITI Broadband)  would also seek your support for obtaining necessary Right of Way (Row), permissions for space and power and approvals from respective building owner(s).

ICNCL (SITI Broadband)  Internet Leased Line (ILL) Service

ICNCL (SITI Broadband)  Network is protected with best-of-the-breed security measures. While ICNCL's (SITI Broadband)  Internet Gateways are hardened to protect against DoS and DDoS attacks, strong internal IT policies take care of physical security issues pertaining to configuration management and physical access.

Key Features of ICNCL’s (SITI Broadband)  ILL Service

         Type of Service: ICNCL offers the ILL in 1:1 dedicated bandwidth. Consistent over-performance in bandwidth to deliver to customer place laying fiber direct from NAS in redundant way that gives unique value for satisfactory Internet experience.
         Bundled Static IP: ICNCL (SITI Broadband)  will provide bundled static IP for Internet based initiatives. For additional IP address pool, Customer has to submit requirement justification to ICNCL (SITI Broadband)  and additional cost also will be justified.
         ICNCL's (SITI Broadband)  Network enables maximum routing efficiency and control over service cost, quality, resilience and congestion.
        Ownership and management of both the IP network and the underlying physical infrastructure enables ICNCL (SITI Broadband)  to provide highly scalable connectivity solutions on domestic as well as global basis.
        ICNCL (SITI Broadband)  offers high-speed international traffic delivery since the network connects to many of the world's principal international Internet Exchanges.